How It Works

The LallyGone Process consists of three phases: 

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1. Feasibility and Estimate
2. Design and Permits
3. Installation

1. Feasibility and Estimate – At your request, our structural engineer will visit your home for a free initial consultation and to make an assessment of the feasibility of the removal of your Lally column(s). This process requires careful inspection of the field conditions and a determination of the required structural reinforcement needed. Our field team will take measurements and provide you with immediate feedback on what can be accomplished, as well as a corresponding cost estimate – all within the first visit.

2. Design and Permits – Should you decide to move forward, we will begin our design process to select and size the structural members that will allow the removal of your Lally column(s). The design drawings and details will be prepared by our design team, signed and sealed by our structural engineer and submitted to your town building department for a permit. In order to begin the design and permit process, a 50% deposit check and signed agreement is required.

3. Installation – Upon filing of your town permit (1-2 weeks after receipt of project deposit) our crew will come to your home and complete the installation of the structural support and the removal and disposal of your Lally column(s). This process takes anywhere from one to two days depending on the field conditions and the scope of the project. It is required that someone be present at your home the morning of the start of your project in order to review the process with our team leader and answer any questions. In addition, someone needs to be present at the end of the project in order to sign-off on the completion and make the final payment.

Wish you could remove the support columns in your basement to allow for a pool table or media room?

Tired of banging your car door on your garage lally column?

Looking to remove those support posts from the center of your room?

Call Lallygone today – we can remove any column in one day and for less than you think!

Lallygone’s column removal services are currently available in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Lallygone, LLC
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Whippany, NJ 07981

NJ REG #13VH04419800
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