Lallygone, LLC is a structural engineering design-build company.
We specialize in addressing any and all structural issues for both residential and commercial buildings.

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Lally Column Removal

Basements and garages are known for having inconvenient posts and columns. Instead of rearranging your furniture to try to hide them, thinking that the space is
unlivable, or continuing to bang your car door…we can remove them in one day and liberate your space!
Bearing Wall Removal
Dated floor plans often do not match current lifestyle trends. Families find themselves with rooms that are underused and others that are too small for the desired use. An example is a formal living room with an undersized family room behind it, divided by a bearing wall. Lallygone has removed hundreds of bearing walls in older floor plans, dramatically transforming homes and making them suitable for today’s style of living.
Structural Reinforcements
Aging structures are often built to outdated codes and standards. Lallygone can perform an overview inspection, recommend areas that need reinforcement, and implement the engineer’s recommendations in a cost effective manner to extend the life of your structure and protect your investment.
Structural Engineering Consulting
Any structural issue that is keeping you awake at night, chances are, our engineers have seen it and addressed it in the past. This applies to both commercial and residential buildings. Our extensive design-build experience gives us a unique ability to diagnose problems that are not obvious to pure design professionals and beyond the capabilities of builders. Lallygone will provide the diagnosis, certified design options, and remediation proposals to meet your budget.
Buying or selling a home? Our engineers are often called upon by professional home inspectors and/or prospective buyers and sellers to address structural issues that are usually flagged by the home inspector but are beyond the scope of a standard home inspection.
Floor Leveling
Older homes are especially prone to sagging beams and uneven floors. Lallygone will bring your floors back to level by identifying and remediating the source of the structural issue.
Insect/Rot Damage Repair
Lallygone specializes in temporary shoring and removal of damaged sill plates and house beams due to insects or dry rot. These situations are common in homes that were built without proper flashing and with the use of standard lumber in direct contact with the foundation. Additionally, we are often called upon by homeowners at the recommendation of their pesticide vendor to complete isolated repairs and perform thorough inspections of the entire structure.

If you have a structural need not specifically listed here, contact us anyway. We are experts in all things structural and would be happy to help.


Wish you could remove the support columns in your basement to allow for a pool table or media room?

Tired of banging your car door on your garage lally column?

Looking to remove those support posts from the center of your room?

Call Lallygone today – we can remove any column in one day and for less than you think!

Lallygone’s column removal services are currently available in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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